Data Recovery

There are many companies that offer Disaster Recovery Services. Most deal in very specific aspects of disasters such as hot sites, which provide systems to continue data center operations in the event of a major disaster. Others offer hard disk recovery for mainframes, servers and PC’s. Others specialize in the recovery of data from magnetic tapes. These tapes may contain data from the most recent processing period, or from ten years ago.

Recovering Data From Magnetic Tapes – As in all data recovery operations, recovering data is very specialized. There are primarily two recovery types – Physical and Logical.

Physical Data Recovery – is necessary when there is a physical problem with the media or plastics, which prevents the data from being read. This type of recovery may include deteriorating magnetic coatings, water soaked tapes, cracked or broken reels/cartidge shells, creased tape edges, twisted or folded tape, stretched or broken tape, etc. While these physical issues are often difficult to handle, we have a high recovery rate on projects of this type.



From utilizing environmental chambers to hand lubrication of the magnetic coating and everything in between, if your data can be recovered, our professionals are up to the task.

Logical Data Recovery – is typically the most difficult type of data to recover. Recovering files logically includes recovering the data portion of a tape that was successfully recorded, but for some reason cannot be read and may include tapes that were written with misaligned heads. Recovering these from this type of problem often requires multiple passes using proprietary software that restores file to the HOD. If hard errors occur, “dummy blocks” are written in their place, the file fragments pieced together and logically re-created then written to the appropriate output tape or hard drive.

Our experience in recovering data from magnetic media ranges from tapes that were submerged in flood waters from hurricanes, tapes dropped into the bay when being unloaded from a vessel, tapes from the 9-11 WTC disaster, tapes damaged by drives and the information need for litigation and tapes written with misaligned drive heads.

While not all data is recoverable, our success over the past 25 years is a phenomenal 97%.